Dr. Nikhil Modi B.D.S., M.Sc. Endo.

Specialist in Microscopic Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Nikhil Modi is a highly skilled and experienced endodontist in Mumbai who is passionate about saving teeth.

He holds a Master's degree in Endodontics from the University of Manchester in the UK.

Dr. Modi is among the elite few in the country who practices microscopic endodontics, a minimally invasive procedure that uses advanced technology to save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Root canal treatments can be painless if done with precision

Why choose Dr. Modi?

Dr. Modi's approach to endodontics is patient-centered and focused on achieving the best possible outcome. He uses the latest technology and techniques which include the Carl Zeiss Dental Operating Microscope to ensure that his patients receive the most precise and conservative treatment possible.

I highly recommend Dr. Nikhil Modi to anyone seeking endodontic care. As an endodontist myself, I can confidently say that Dr. Modi is a true new age endodontist, possessing a remarkable set of skills and expertise. His clinical prowess is exceptional, making him a clinician par excellence in the field.

If you are in search of a highly skilled and compassionate endodontist, Dr. Nikhil Modi is the one you can trust for top-notch dental care. His website is a testament to his dedication and professionalism, making it a valuable resource for patients seeking exceptional endodontic services.

”I met Dr. Nikhil Modi almost 7 years ago, when he attended one of my lectures held in Banglore, at Dr. Siju jacobs microscopic training center. I noticed him right away as a very smart, skilled and passionate person, willing to learn everything possible in order to help his patients with his knowledge and compassion. Now, 7 years later, I am looking at his work and couldnt ask for more as a patient from his trusted doctor"

Here's what top endodontists have to say
Dr. Vivek Hegde ( President-Indian Endodontic Society)
Dr. Sergiu Nicola ( Renowned Endodontist from Romania)

If you are looking for world class root canal treatment, you have to seek care from Dr. Nikhil Modi. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Modi to anyone seeking top-tier endodontic treatment. If you are looking for a professional who places quality, precision, and patient satisfaction at the forefront of their practice, look no further than Dr. Modi. Dr. Modi is a master clinician who exquisitely documents his cases and demonstrates very high endodontic and restorative skills. He is an exemplary endodontist who has my highest respect and admiration.

Dr. Rajiv Patel ( Renowned Endodontist from USA)

I first met Dr. Nikhil modi in 2016 when he flew down from Mumbai for a microphotography course at our Bangalore center. From the very first meeting, it was very evident that he was someone who was extremely passionate about Endodontics. Over the years, his enthusiasm for Endodontics has only increased. Whether it is Conservative access cavity preparations, rotary niti canal preps or amazing photographs, Dr. Nikhil continues to inspire all of us. If you need a root canal to be done, you know you are in good hands with Dr. Nikhil.

Dr. Siju Jacob (Renowned Endodontist from India)
Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

With over a decade of experience in Micrscopic root canal therapy, you can be confident of a seamless and predictible treatment outcome with importance always given to precision and patient care

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

With the Carl Zeiss Microscope and other latest technology, we aim at delivering pain free single visit treatment to achieve patient centered results.

a bunch of pins and needles on a white surface
a bunch of pins and needles on a white surface
Broken Instrument Retrieval

Instrument separation is a common cause of failure in root canal treatments. Dr. Nikhil Modi excels in intrument retrieval cases and giving the tooth another chance at life.

Root Canal Retreatments

Retreatments of old failing root canals are something we specialize in as most of our cases are referrals from other dentists who forward us difficult cases which require his expertize.

man in white dress shirt holding black pen
man in white dress shirt holding black pen

This modality is performed to preserve the vitality of the tooth and relieve the patient's pain.

person in gray long sleeve shirt holding black tablet computer
person in gray long sleeve shirt holding black tablet computer
Endodontic Surgery

Sometimes root canal treated teeth may require an additional surgical procedure for achieving the best results. Dr. Modi works with experienced Oral surgeons for this multidisciplinary approach.

Vital Pulp Therapy

Treatments Offered


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