Continuing Education

Fellowship in advanced Microendodontics

Dr. Nikhil Modi is a visiting faculty for the fellowship in advanced Microendodontics alongside Dr. Vivek Hegde at the DY Patil Dental School, Navi Mumbai

Beyond Basics-Mastering Endodontic Challenges

Dr. Modi takes up this project twice a year to train other dentists in basics as well as advanced challenges faced during root canal therapy. Get in touch for the next Course

One On One

For those who are really passionate about microscopic endodontics, this is a tailor made custom course to propel you to the next level with Dr. Modi.

Microscopic Documentation

If you follow Dr. Nikhil Modi on social media, you know his passion for documenting cases through the scope. If you want to learn all the tips and tricks to get your images to stand out, this is the course for you. This is also an individualised course. Get in touch for details

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